Wednesday, July 8, 2009

So pokey...

I have been so busy getting Kristina and daddy back into "real" life that I have not taken the time to update on her.

She arrived home on Monday afternoon. Long story... But, she is home and in my care! :) I will post a bit our experience later.

Just wanted everyone to know that she is home and doing okay.

She seemed to have aged while in the hospital ! But, thankfully she is getting back in the swing of things! :)


Trisha, Duane, and Family said...

Hi Tammy...I am so happy to hear she is home and you are reunited. She does look good and I know how thrilled you guys are to be home together. I bet, things that are amazing, will happen from here!!! Praying for you....many blessings...Trish

The Irons Family said...

So glad Kristina is home from the hospital for you to love and take care of.
After our little stay at the hospital I can understand your relief of having your daughter home with you.


Zactly said...

So glad Kristina is home. Answered prayers.