Thursday, July 2, 2009

Patient Update...

Yesterday I was going to post..sat down in the chair with the "boys". (Calvin and Cooper) And fell asleep! Guess I was tired. So, I now am going to post..

She has an infection Pseudomonas..and it not going away. But her doctors are surprised that her lungs look so good. Remarkable they said. God is good!! My last post was a little down..sometimes that happens. I know God is in control! So, now I try to think of positive things before the icky things..and wow it really makes me think.

I am going to post a few pictures..

She is such a blessing from God!! And I thank Him very much!! She has such a glow about her that draws people we share about how God was so gracious and allowed us to be her forever parents! Thank you God!! She is very perky this morning! Dan found out she will be in another five days. Uffda! :)

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