Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Praying and crying...

I have been doing so much crying and praying that I think my eyes hurt as much as my heart! There have been many families and many children that I have been praying for. I have even started to cry when families are united with children.

My heart hurts is not a bad thing..I trust God in the lives of the children and their families or families to be. It's to me just a reminder to pray..and trust God! In fact their is a little girl being adopted that is from the same town as our son! That is good news!

Sometimes it is hard to think about governments in a positive way. It just seems like they don't get it..that is all over the world. The children get caught up in the red tape..why? Beats me. I have read several blogs that are going through trying times. So I pray, think of the families, think of the children. My brother thinks that I need to find something else to do. :) Too emotional for him I guess. :)

There is one little boy that has been waiting for a family for which seems like FOREVER! He was waiting when we were adopting Kristina. I will call him Victor and he is from an Eastern Europe country. He is a sweet boy with some mental delays. The country is relatively "easy" to adopt from. Look at him..pray, pass along the info!

He will be one child that I will be advocating for!! And continuing to pray for a family for him! God does miracles..maybe a forever family will be found for him? God has Victor in His hands and loves him very much. He created him and knows his future..every hour, minute, and second of it! He is such a cutie pie! I will just pray...


Zactly said...

Hi Tammy,
Could you give me more details on Victor? What are his countrie's adoptive family qualifications? Travel requirements? cost?If you prefer, you can email me at vickiesalmon@sbcglobal.net to discuss the details.

The Irons Family said...

I just love that little guy. I was hoping his family was close to bringing him home. It is sad to know that he is back to waiting.