Tuesday, July 14, 2009


We have been getting a few things done..and getting back into our "normal" routine since the hospital and the H1N1 "attack"! Oh my, we survived and Kristina is great! She has a little scar where the central line was..but that will go away I am sure.

Jovan's bed is up..I have been going back and forth about painting his room..and now I am leaning to yes I can. Just wish I could do fancy work like on HGTV! :) But, bottom line he has a bed and covers! :) And it's so heart softening to know he will be home soon?

Remembering two years ago..how far was I in the preparing process? Kristina's case was a little different..a HUGE walk of faith! Two months was the notice we got before we traveled. I looked at my notes today. I am much farther along! :) Dan keeps telling me that we are NOT taking as much as we did before. Little does he know I got those bags that you squeeze out the air and so now I can pack LOTS! :) My family and friends know that I always pack a little extra, and sometimes it's a good thing too!

Since Kristina is going to start Kindergarten this year we are not going to take her, I have to prepare my family in how to take care of her. Just had a great idea! Make a DVD for them!! My mom will love that! The "boys" are easy! My grandmother said she would love to take care of Kristina. :) We should be set..but I can't yet imagine leaving her. I will have to take LOTS of pictures before we leave..

I have a question..in my preparing I have been thinking about the plane ride back. Because of Jovan's legs..I don't know if the seat belt is going to fit him well enough for the long trip. So, the travel agent suggested a car seat..any ideas? We also wondered about a stroller/back pack..

Any suggestions would be AWESOME! We bought a stroller for Kristina while we were there..so many thoughts..

Better go..my supper idea didn't work and I have a VBS prep meeting tonight. YEA!!! Can't wait!

Here she is a couple of days after being home..her smile is completely back!!

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Anonymous said...

Glad to hear Kristina is doing well now. Sorry to be so negligent in calling. VBS was a lot of work(more kids than ever before) and wore me out. Then went to farmer's markets Saturday and yesterday. Now I'm moving on to trying to find tickets to get there Aug/Sept. Parents said for us to come there rather than them here. Take care and stay well! Talk to you soon.