Friday, July 3, 2009

Ode to...

My husband! I know I have done this before..but I am married to the greatest guy in the whole wide world!! The best part is that God gave him to me as a gift! To have forever! (that is until God wants him back!)

He is so kind, loving, sensitive, funny, HELPFUL, a godly man, good listener, good cook, and is the best daddy too! I counted the days since he has been home..eight nights! Kristina and he have been gone for eight nights! And will be gone for another at least four more. Who has been with my daughter the whole time? My hubby! :) You ask why not me..I got hurt at work and need to sleep in a regular bed.. My husband slept in a recliner until two nights ago..then the nurses gave them a room with a "bed" for daddy. He has only said something once! And that was about his back.

I am so THANKFUL to God for him!! And I miss him very much...

Aren't they cute? Praying they can come home soon!!! Please God!

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Anonymous said...

Nice pictures, Tam! Kristina looks good, if that was a picture from the last few days. Thinking of you always and miss you too!