Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Blue again...

I was reminded again what John's name means...God is gracious! My sister asked me how could his adoption be any greater in a testimony then Kristina's was. And I said well, two things came right to mind. One, we would be able to go back a second time. (We would be the first family to do that.) Second, we have a lot more money to raise this time. Then she said wow, I was right. Yep, God is a gracious, loving God! He will take care of my little John!

It is a great reminder...God is in control! You think it's fun to play the what if...but God knows EVERYTHING..blows my mind! He knows how many time John has breathed, times he has smiled, times he has cried, times that he has hurt, and times he has laughed. We will never know that...we will be his parents, but John first had a Father! He will know his Father...maybe one of his first words will be Jesus, like Kristina said. Wouldn't that be cool! Okay, that last part made me kinda sappy, but so true!!

Well, better get off to bed, the alarm goes off mighty early around here, and I spent time with my mom and sister at our Super Target opening tonight. What a fun time... so huge! And I love it! Actually, got some Christmas ideas..to make! Yeah!

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