Friday, October 17, 2008


Boy, I haven't posted in a few days. It has been so hectic since Sunday. (Can't remember what we did on Saturday to save my life!) Sunday, Dan worked sound for church both services. Since going to our church it was the first time in two years, five months, and one week that we didn't sit together. Weird! We have a six week sermon series that started based on the movie Fireproof. Anyway, I was in the Nursery second service. Kristina was in there with me and had a blast. We only had three babies...

I took a nap after church...gave up on the Vikings. I only use them as nap time. My dad made our traditional Sunday night was awesome!! Then at about twenty after baby ripped his nail down to past his quick...ick! BLOOD dripping... He screamed and cried! I thought I was going to die! Well, our other baby stuck to me like glue with his tail between his legs. Calvin got the owie and Cooper was the velcro!
This is Calvin Michael!

This is Cooper Maxwell!

Aren't they the cutest? They both are Dashchunds. Calvin is a husky minuture at eleven and a half pounds. Cooper is a tweenie at fifteen pounds. Oops...forgot Calvin had a birthday yesterday! He is five. Cooper's b-day is in ten days and he will be four.

Well, the other day my grandmother fell and really bruised her wrist...took her to the Dr today and it was not broken! Thank you God!! This week my grandmother and Kristina made perogies. And then I made a huge pot of cabbage rolls! Kinda a Ukrainian menu this week. Just missed the Kapusta and Borcht. YUMMMY

This week just flew by!! Had something happen that really shook me...was at first so hard to thank God that I was allowed to go through this experience. Granted..took me a day to really get comfortable resting in God's arms again..don't know what will happen with this situation but, I will get through it with GOD'S help. Cuz, man I would have died if I didn't know Christ!

Enough of's not about the adoption...but somehow seems just so far off, but I am not giving up and praying for our little boy. We do expect to hear something soon, at least that is what we were told. I would love to know his size...he was so little when I last held him. Almost like a size 2T. And he turned six at the begining of September. He will shoot up when he gets to the US.

Well. gotta go...we are going to my parents for dessert. Left over cabbage rolls were on the menu this evening. MMMM MMM good! Oh, Calvin is much better..he had surgery on Tuesday to remove his nail. My grandmother is also better.

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