Sunday, October 5, 2008

Broken Heart...

Drama title isn't it? Today I could not think about John without tearing up. In church our sermon was on healing a broken heart...tried so hard to get over it. Maybe, because I was so tired. When you don't sleep so well and're in for it. My dream was kinda weird, but the part right before I woke up was I was holding John in my arms. I cried when I woke up...I told God that He knows I really want that little boy! But I also told Him that I totally want His will to be done! Then it started...maybe this was the beginning of hearing the answer "no". Okay, that is what I prayed answer. Peace...well not exactly..not yet. I fought with myself all morning. God has John in His place in the world to be! I would miss him and mourn for him...but God has him, better then I could ever do!

Yesterday, we were at my parents doing some winterizing. My grandmother and Kristina were a hoot to watch together.Aren't they the cutest? They both really worked HARD! It was a fun time making memories! Gotta run...Monday is coming!

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