Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Working Hard!

This posting will be in pink for guess who? You guessed it! My gift from God!! I am so blessed, she is the best! She is so helpful, bubbly, caring, funny, gentle, and best of all loves God! Actually, Jesus was one of her first English words!

Tell you all a little story... One day about nine months ago we were talking about Jesus. She told me Jesus was at home. (I am thinking what?) I asked her where Jesus at home, and she said in her heart. Blew me away! Then I realized that God made her and I know that she radiates His love! It's unbelievable! It reminds me what a gift I have...even sometimes when she needs to be disciplined. (Sometimes I forget though) That is going to be my goal...to every time she needs a little adjusting...then remember God is in her. Wow!

Today she already has worked hard...she made some of her breakfast. Peanut butter and jelly toast. Mind you they can NOT touch! She does NOT like a pb and j sandwich! She has been making toast for months! We have a cool sided toaster..so it does not get hot. I took pictures this morning...cause I LOVE her and needed more pictures for an album. (I have not started yet)

She is enjoying the fruits of her labor! Something I am going to do. My labor took nine and a half months! Oh boy, was it hard! Maybe I will tell an abreviated version sometime! It really proves that God is in control! No matter what we think or feel! I am over my broken heart...but I do miss my little John. He is in God's control...in His time! And I love Him for that!

It is raining here today...so mommy has to find lots of indoor activities! Maybe bake daddy some cookies! Everybody have a good day today! Remember God is an awesome God! All the time, even when you blue!! :)

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Anonymous said...

You are such a great mom!

And let me know when you want to get started on that album--I REALLY need to scrapbook!