Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Guess what this post is about? Yep, that would be John. I got an email this afternoon and things are progressing. We may know something for sure in a few weeks. Then possible travel date would be March or April. That is exactly what we were thinking ourselves. Looked into airfare already..so we have that idea for $$.

It's funny, wasn't expecting anything. I do know that I am to continue to work towards this adoption. That is what is coming through my study in God's word. We need to make sure we have everything going the way God wants them! Because how can our light shine before others if we are not shining on the inside.

We are excited...and waiting patiently. There is only one person doing adoptions and it sometimes takes a little while to hear news. I know she is working hard for us and others, I told her that we will wait... Last year, I didn't wait so well! :( I have such a peace and I am taking action not sitting and waiting for things to drop in my lap.

I will hopefully have some things online to start my raffles with. That is my project this weekend. It will be icky out..so that will keep us indoors. Kinda of excited about doing that, in time for Christmas.

For us, we are praying for God's will and have been asking others to do the same. And if the answer turns out to be NO, then to comfort and give us peace. Thanks

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