Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Getting organized....

Well, getting stuff cleaned out from Kristina's adoption paperwork, to fill it up with Jovan's. Haven't heard anything, but tonight while we were eating supper, our daughter announced that Jovan was coming here. We said what, how is he coming? She said God and Jesus. Okay...who can argue with that? Sometimes she says chuckle moments like that.

We had a pink binder for her and now have a blue binder for him. I am such a nut that I have saved every email that we have regarding the adoptions. Tonight I found an old file with some of them...boy does that bring back memories! :)

Can I just say...God is GOOD!! It feels good to have be thankful..and to have fun!

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Trisha, Duane, and Family said...

Hey just wanted to tell you that I saved all my emails starting with Annie. The computer was a new thing when we adopted the twins from Ukraine and most all of our correspondences were done by phone. But, I have all of Annie, Mary, John, and Katie Aunna's emails;-). Blessings...Trish