Saturday, October 11, 2008

When you least expect it...

What do you think when you hear those words? Scary? Excitement? Sadness? Glee? Fear? Well. today I thought wow, I was grown up. Times change...parents helping kids and now it is kids helping parents. I was a my parent's house one last time before winter. (They just live up the road!) :) We worked in the garden..pulling up, moving, and finally tilling the garden. Oh, and cleaning off my dad's pride and joy the garden tiller. The Asian Beetles were insane! I still feel like they are crawling and biting on me! ICKY!!

Well, I was working outside and full of bug guts and dirt...and then eventually manure! Oh, joy! Some of you may know that this was NOT like me when I was growing up! I always BEGGED for the easy or inside chores! Maybe that's why I love to clean bathrooms? :) I was out there working and thought..when did I change? When I grew up! When exactly was that? Can't remember, but it sure feels good! Not caring that I smelled...although my mother did when she got next to me! And being real and just me! I can't explain it..

Would you believe I was talking to God and I asked Him for a "sign". Don't really know if God does that per say, but I did it anyway. I found another Wooly Mammoth caterpiller! Again after being so rough in the dad almost ran him over...while I was getting a shovel to move him to safer ground! See caterpillers turn into butterflies! Maybe that is the stage we are with this adoption of John.

Where on earth have you seen me start each paragraph with a W? I did it! Check it out! I am so happy...I got to help my folks and now I am "blogging" about who knows what? And I am listening to the CD that I listened to when we were adopting Kristina.

Who am I listening to again? Allen Asbury I am so surprised it still plays... Thanks Debbie! Can't wait to turn up my song! The funny thing is that my husband borrowed it and couldn't find it..right before the trip!!! Still couldn't find it..and tonight he brought it to me!! My alone time...listening to the song and to talk to God as well!!!

Words of wisdom usually come from people who are older...but my mom asked me today if I would be "able to handle him?" "He doesn't walk" And I said so...then I told her that anytime I could get cancer.. my own limbs amputated... God knows what will happen!! She knows this.. I think that she sometimes (worries) thinks about me! :)

Wise women know that it is time to end this as I need to get myself together and clothes to iron for church tomorrow... Dan is doing sound and I am in the nursery. I love it!! Playing with the babies is so much fun!! Then I get to give them back! :) Just kidding! LOVE being in there...letting the parents know that they can go praise God and know their children are fine!

Wonders never cease...I am still here! I just wanted to thank everyone who is reading this, and hope that you sometimes get a little love from me!! My heart melts and my tears flow for someone who reads this from home a plane ride away! A long car ride to get to the plane at that! See, I miss her very much and wish she was just "down the road"! I love you!

Whisper sweet nothings...I am gone!! :)

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Anonymous said...

I feel the love, Tam....and am wiping the tears. I miss you! Jamey