Tuesday, October 28, 2008


How do you describe and explain something that literally takes your breathe away? To me it would be SHOCK!! And to be so thankful to someone that you sob? Then how do you thank a person that you do not know? All of those things happened to me today as I checked the mail.

I am talking about receiving one thousand dollars in the mail, given anonymously. I could not breathe! Because it was given that way...I wanted the person to know that we received it. And to thank them from every fiber of my being!! When I called Dan, he was also stunned..he kept repeating "no way","no way", "no way".... Then of course I called my mom...I was crying so hard she thought that something was wrong.. We prayed for that person and thanked God for them over and over.

For me that was way beyond being kind, thoughtful, generous, caring, and any and every other positive adjective there is!! No, I am not sappy...just so thankful and grateful! It was stunning for me..and I can hardly handle the envelope.

Just this morning I was thinking about raising money, and remembered about applying for grants to help out. That was in my list to do today..and God brought our first grant! :)

God works on His time...His timetable is not like American time...FAST. Well, sometimes it is. He can see the whole situation, way beyond what we can see. While wanting to adopt Kristina we had NO idea the timeline. We just kept asking God to direct our feet. Yes, we could hardly stand the wait...Her adoption took nine and a half months. My mom said that a normal pregnancy lasts nine months..did I want to deliver early? Then we were waiting for her visa...FAITH! And to be honest I have been waiting for John for a LONG time. I met him on May 23rd 2007. Held him for the first time on May 30th 2007. Then fell in love with him on June 4th 2007. That is one year, four months, and twenty-four days!! Guess, then I am a little over due! :)

My mother called to ask how I was feeling...and she said that she could not believe that the person would think enough about John to give the money. Then she said wait, that means she was going to be a grandmother again. She was so excited! As am I...but to be a mother again..how incredible!

I am going to end this by praising God!!! God is an awesome and gracious God. By the way, John's name means gracious!! Thank you again!!


Anonymous said...

God is GOOD! All the time! I pray that God would bless this generous person.


Anonymous said...

Praise God! I am so happy for you! I have faith that things will fall into place for you two to become parents to Jovan. Wish I could do more but know that I am praying for you. Jamey