Monday, October 27, 2008


We heard news on Jovan... The Ministry officials now know we are interested in him. We expect to hear for sure in a few weeks. That is using the "p" word again. Patiently!! But that is okay with me. Jovan's Center for Social Work already knows about our intent.. Kinda feels weird...and I can't even remember these steps with Kristina..maybe because they happened so fast. Or I was in a state of shock?

I can not wait for families waiting to go very soon!! It would be so awesome in time for Christmas!! They are in my thoughts and prayers often! Isn't it exciting! So cool!

When I said boys, it was because Calvin wouldn't let me put him down. Smushing himself like glue to to me. Wanting to be held! I went to the doctor and got put on an antibiotic. Maybe he missed me? Anyway...he wants hi mommy and his mommy wants to he can smush me all he wants! :)


Zactly said...

Your Serbian news sounds good. That is wonderful!! If you have any blog info. for the ones getting ready to travel, please share. I love to read along. Take care. Hope you hear soon from the Ministry.


I am so happy, i sure hope they let you adopt Jovan. We would love to adopt two children from Serbia also. We will see.We need to get the first one done. Soon we hope.

Trisha, Duane, and Family said...

OMGoodness!!!! I am sooo excited it's hard to breath and my heart's racing;-). That's such good news!!! The Lord will see you through. Many blessings...Trish