Friday, October 3, 2008

October 3, 2008

We are back to blue again because I am going to talk about my wonderful husband!! I LOVE him!! :) LOTS!! Well, it has been nineteen years since he asked me to marry him! Actually, in about an hour and a half it will be! Boy, was I stunned! Although, it only took me like two minutes to answer...I was stunned! Never forget that moment! Oh, boy! :)

God answered my prayer very quickly! I am very blessed and thankful to God for him! I know I have said that before..but it is true!! I miss my husband when he is at to hear him breathe, watch him play with our daughter, and I could go on and on!

I really never thought I would get a husband! It seemed that it was happening to everyone else but me...oh poor me! :) I was sure that my desire of wanting a husband and family was greater then anyone elses! What a nutcase! :) So, then I gave it to God...boy, he sure knows what I needed!! Oh, by the way I asked God for a husband that was tall (I am 5'3"), a long last name (I got four more letter), and I wanted to walk on the beach with him! (did that a few years ago!)

So, now I should probably see if I can do something sweet for him...hum, got it! :) Enjoy your loved ones! I know I do! Blessings!

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