Sunday, December 28, 2008


It sure has been a busy and emotional week. We remember this past week to mark the birth of our Lord and Savior! Came to earth as a babe..a beautiful wonderful birth. A gift from God. How exciting!!

Then there is life, what kind of life? That depends on lots of things..too many to mention. Like where you live on earth is a prime example. In the last several days, I have thought about it a LOT. What is important to me..really? Deep down inside. I am thankful for my relationship with God, and my family! That is what is important to me! Everything else doesn't matter. Nothing...not my "treasures" (cuz I know I can't take them with me!), NOTHING! (our desire to adopt Jovan is in the family category!!) Although, he truly is a treasure... :)

Death is final...the end. My great uncle was hospitalized on the twenty third. Had no clue that he would have to stay in. He just came home this afternoon. We were told that he has like seven to ten days to live. What a blow! I know that there are people out there who have lost loved ones suddenly..and some that have suffered for a long time. It can be very emotional when you know those people outside of your family...but when they are your family...uffda! He and I are especially close...kinda like grandpa/father rolled in one. We just clicked. My daughter and he are the same way. God is so good that way! Neither he nor my grandmother want to go to a nursing home. He is having care provided to him in his own home. I have cried some...but have been closed to the emotional part, because I don't think that I could get done what I need to do in such a short time span. Uffda again...what can I say...Christmas was a blur, I'll post on that later...I have a few pictures..need to remember the positive! :) And I will!

I should have also written after death..after you die and have been adopted by God. (accepted Christ as your own savior) Then you can be singing with the angels! That is how I am going to remember my great uncle..singing with the angels!

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