Friday, December 19, 2008


Definition of sauerkraut is: Chopped or shredded cabbage salted and in its own juice.

Sauerkraut in German means "sour cabbage" Chinese cooks were also pickling cabbage in wine. Genghis Khan substituted salt for the wine and carried this version of sauerkraut to the edge of Eastern Europe. Many Europeans cultures believe it is good luck to eat sauerkraut on New Year's and other family celebrations. In 1776 was the first time that sauerkraut was mentioned in American English. Very popular with the Dutch settlers.

I found stats that say 2 out of 3 Americans eat in on a regular basis which comes to about 1.5 pounds a year. Germans eat about 3.74 pounds a year.

Sauerkraut is also good for you.
A one cup serving has:
32 calories
No fat or cholesterol
4 grams fiber
35% daily requirements of Vt C
102% daily requirements of Vt K
12% Iron
Plus Vt B6, foliate, calcium, potassium, and copper

There are many other facts..these are just a few I found.

You ask "why sauerkraut", well yesterday my grandmother and I finally got around to finishing our sauerkraut perogies. We made more filling. And so while working I was thinking about how long I have been eating it. My guess is at a very early age. So maybe 35 years or so. LOVE the stuff!!! Can eat it right out of the bag, hot or cold, with onions or not, on a brat, with fried potatoes, and now my favorite is eating it with my scrambled eggs. Yummmy!!

When preparing sauerkraut for the perogies, you have to boil it to make it soft. Then it gets cut up, cooked with some onions salt and pepper. And you're ready to make the dough and stuff them. Here is a picture I found online. Doesn't that look really yummy? Oh, Kristina like it too. She has been eating it since coming home to the US. I doubt that they fed it to the kids in the orphanage. :) Well, she is ready to start the day...and I am going to eat some with my eggs!! :)

Glad I posted, hee hee

Forgot to say I love sausage pizza with sauerkraut! I think that there are lots of people that like sauerkraut on their pizza. I thoroughly enjoyed my scrambled eggs and sauerkraut! :)

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