Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Oh my goodness, SNOW! My hubby snowplowed before he went to work and now again when he got home. Thank goodness it is that beautiful, shiny, fluffy, light snow. I went out to shovel the steps...and put down a little salt. The snow was calling me! I felt like Kristina and wanted to jump in. Now my little girl is making snow angels on the carpet. Desperate isn't she! :) Tomorrow is supposed to be colder..but if just her eyes are showing, then I will send her out..maybe?
I took some pictures today with all the snow..
Picture in the back yard...one of my favorite views out a kitchen window.This is another of my favorites..
Hubby with the snow blower! :) My man!
All done...Yea! (isn't he cute?) :)

His timing was perfect! Supper was done right when he was! Good man! :)

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