Thursday, December 11, 2008


That describes our week since Sunday after church. Up to that it was fine. Kristina had her cousins to play with. One is thirteen...and such a wonderful boy! He allowed Kristina to play house with was cute. Her other cousin who is sixteen months old..stayed for the weekend. They played "hockey"! They both love it and my nephew has a little tiny hockey stick and he really can use it.

Well, after church I really wasn't feeling to good...kinda icky. I fed everyone and told Dan that I had to go lay down. I stayed there until Tuesday afternoon. The flu hit me HARD!! Then my hubby who took such good care of sick. My mom had come over to help out and now she and my dad are sick. My grandmother also has the flu...having a hard time with it. She has already gone to the ER once. Praying that she gets better SOON! And PRAISE GOD that my baby girl did NOT get sick! I am so thankful that she is healthy!

I can not believe that all these days have passed without me even knowing what has been going on. And trust me..sometimes I didn't even care. :( But, I am finally feeling better..wanted to finish decorating after church..but nope, now I am finishing up. Baking cookies and such for the holidays. Spritz cookies are some favorites that I make. We make rosettes too. Oh my, we will have a perogie making weekend starting Saturday morning! Early! Fun!

While I was ill, I thought about people that I have ever met in my life..and the impact that those people had on my life. It's amazing to think about that..

I was reading some other people's journeys to get their children, and found out that some are going to be able to continue their adoptions! I am so happy and thank God for that!! He deserves the credit and the glory for that to be done. I do not know the future of our little John, but I know that he will always and forever in my heart! Faith is key when you trust God totally and completely! I too wish for a miracle for my little boy. Sometimes , he feels like he is here..hiding from me. :) About eight? months ago I had a dream that I saw Kristina and John as teenagers together. I could go on and on about that boy...such a hold he has on my heart! I have put up pictures by our bedroom..our family...

The plaque says FAITH is not thinking God can, but knowing He will. We don't know when..God's timing. Keep praying and have peace that God is in control.



"Faith" is the word. I think of all the children a lot. I so want to go back to adopt more children. I pray you will travel in 2009, to get your son. He is so adorable i could have taken him.

Anonymous said...

Tam - Glad to hear you're out of the funk. It's no fun - that we know. Was hoping to go to Target tomorrow but sounds like we may get snowed in. Can you believe, maybe no Target b/4 Christmas? :)
Miss you!