Tuesday, December 16, 2008


First about the snow...There is about 4ish inches, not much. Well maybe a little more. And Kristina absolutely LOVES it. I could not get her in on Sunday. We missed going to church, but the roads were so icy and snow covered that we decided to stay home. My hubby had to take out the snow blower to remove the snow. He did that in the afternoon. Meanwhile, my little girl wanted to go outside in "her" snow! It was kinda cold..colder then the day before, but I let her go out. Couldn't get her in...she begged to be outside. The only thing that you could see was her eyes and I did a body check to see if she was feeling cold anywhere. She was not..so I let her out again for a little while.

We ended up going to my parents to help my dad remove the snow. He hasn't recovered fully from the big flu we all had, so we thought best to help him. Bundled up Kristina again, and headed out. She had a blast making snow angels, throwing snow at mommy and daddy. Playing with my parent's dachshund, Muffin. Then she snuck inside to see what grandma was doing. We then went home and mommy made homemade pizza. First time doing that..and it was great fun and it tasted really good for Sunday night pizza.

Next the cold...it got really cold after the snow, sleet came. The same day after we came back from my parents it got really cold! Not as cold as the states just westish from us..but cold. The dogs barely went past the door to go potty. :) And come in shivering! When the sun came up, it didn't look that cold, just a very pretty day. My husband waited for daylight after he worked on the drifted snow..to make sure he could see the road really well. It is still very cold...I do not want to venture into town (three miles away) to get a couple of things. Burrrr!

And lastly the cookies...I do not really bake. Do I Jamey? :) It just takes to long to see the end product. But I have been using my Christmas present from a couple of years ago. A big stand mixer. That makes a difference to me. Like having a helper. I love making spritz cookies however!! And I need to make rosettes..my grandmother's always made those and now since I am learning all of her secrets, I needed to learn that as well. We do a traditional Ukrainian Christmas. And of course we have to have lefse(sp) for my hubby and his Norwegian heritage. We do NOT have leutifisk(sp) though!! Tried it once and thought I died afterwards!!! So today we will make some cookies and bars. I have a cookbook that uses cake mixes for cookies. (yes, I need all the help I can get!) And also I have the cold in a package sugar cookies...have several recipes using those as well! :)

I need to get breakfast as my daughter is almost done with her treatment...that usually taked almost an hour, but this morning she is watching her favorite..the Doodlebops! :)

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Anonymous said...

Lefse is correct. :) Lutefisk is slimy! Good luck with the baking. I'm waiting for my kiss cookies (peanut blossoms) to come out of the oven right now. My kids are lazy today - want to stay in their pj's. Watching the snow fall here and hoping it's over by this weekend when my parents want to travel this way. Happy baking!