Sunday, December 14, 2008

My Second Butterfly...

I think and pray everyday, many many times a day for him. He is growing up without a mother and a papa! God has him, I know and that is the best place to be! But, he does not have a mommy and a papa to call his own.

To me to have a son would be so wonderful...mommy's little boy. First of all to teach him about God and His son! Then to teach him to be a loving, kind, and generous person. To allow him to grow and play outside of an orphanage. Please understand that where he is at is a fine place, they take good care of the children..

Sometimes, I get discouraged..trying not to give up hope to be allowed to get him. It just feels like he is ours and he has gone away for way too long. Like summer camp.. My heart hurt again the other day very, very much!! I told my mom that he needed to come home now, it's been too long. God is in control, and His will be done...we will wait patiently..

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Anonymous said...

Good Morning, Tam - Are you snowed in this morning? It's cold and supposed to start snowing here. Just wanted to say hi - want to help me make cookies today? :)