Sunday, December 14, 2008

My First Butterfly...

I am going to blog about my beautiful daughter! She is amazing! Yesterday I was so overcome with love and happiness that God blessed her with us that I cried! My heart was so full of love, it was amazing! She is so kind and loving to people. Her smile lights up the room, her giggle fills it up! Gentleness is also part of her. Of course she is five and she also is learning to be disciplined as well. :) Her spirit is strong.. as are her muscles! :)

The other day she brought laundry up a flight of stairs from the laundry room. She did that without me telling/asking her to. That is where her muscles come in handy. :) She sets the table, clears the table, loads the dishwasher, and can make her own toast. Vacuuming is something that she loves to do. She says "I got it, I got it" when I try. And she cleans her room and makes her bed. I don't know if that is typical for a five year old or not?

By the way, I don't want to sound like I am bragging, boasting or anything like that! I am just so awed by her willingness and love to help me that it makes me cry! But, on the other hand I think that it is okay that she does some things..because she is learning to be responsible. She does not "work" of course everyday..

What things my daughter loves, to play house, color, play in any water, doing school, playing with the dogs, riding her bike, digging in dirt, swinging of course! Many others but those are her favorites! I missed shoveling snow and playing in it. She played outside for two hours! It was almost thirty-seven degrees out. So it was warm out..
She was helping her Papa, shoveling her own snow, and still smiling big for the camera! She really knows how, she started last year. She cried one day when I went out to shovel. Come to find out that she really wanted to help! So we got her ready and it was like she had shoveled before. And she really did a good job! When it snows, she calls it her snow! "My snow, my snow".

Of course, none of this would be possible with out the blessing of God! When we were in the process of getting Kristina, it was very hard to wait patiently!! I was going to be a mother for the first time!! And to do it by international adoption, wow what a delivery! :) We almost didn't make it home..but by God's grace we did! And we are SO thankful for that! And everyday!

I do hope and pray that she gets her sibling to add to her spirit of love! Someone to play with, swim with, play in the dirt, color with, swim with, and do all kinds of things together! But, I know that is only possible with God..

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