Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Star....

Dan put the star on the tree..he had to cut off about five inches of the top "stick", branch, whatever. It's done he was surprised...didn't get any more decorating done. Kristina and I put a big puzzle together. About two and a half by three and a half feet, but the other side had a picture of a totally different puzzle. She basically whips through any puzzle. We shall see how she does with the one hundred piece puzzles I got her for Christmas. She loves to problem solve things like that. Mine are knots. Give me a knot and I won't move till I get it, and that even goes for the occasional jewelry knot. :)
Christmas Tree 07

Christmas Tree 08

Boy, they look really similar...I'll work more on the decorating tomorrow. I started my wreath made out of the tree branch remains. It's going to smell very nice and very much like Christmas!

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Anonymous said...

beautiful! how tall is it?