Friday, December 19, 2008


I ran a few errands in town...boy, with the sun shining it sure does a body good! Freedom...of course I had my daughter..but it felt like I had the wind blowing through my hair. Maybe, I need to get out more? :)
To be thankful that I have a daughter, a working husband, and all of the material things that I probably don't need. And to be a child of God! Of course that is the top thankful thing!

One of my errands was to our local Christian bookstore. I wanted to get those little name cards for the kids stockings. My mom thought that we would have stockings for the kids this year. My mom has never had us have stockings growing up. So we'll see what happens...

My daughter just came out of her room looking like this...I heard this jumping and went to see, and this is what came down the hallway. She absolutely LOVES horses! (where that is from, who knows) I found the horse and had to get it for her...and of course it's pink! :) It makes a galloping sound when you squeeze its ear. Kristina is such a joy...she makes a happy heart for everyone she smiles at! Especially her mommy and daddy! Daddy comes home early on Friday, so it's fun when we get the extra time with him!! Did I ever say that I love that man? :) Pretty sure I have.

Calvin Michael is whining to get held...he even made his voice go lower like he was really mad! Cute! He loves to cuddle! Then Cooper Maxwell wants attention too. Can I say our dogs are spoiled? Cooper is on the arm of the couch and Calvin is on the pillows. Kristina is bringing them up out of their room. She loves them and loves to cuddle with them as well. Better go get things in order before hubby comes him!! :)

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Anonymous said...

I think Kristina and Molly would get along great! Molly often looks just like that - Easter hat, cowboy boots, riding a stick horse. Have a good weekend! Pray for safe travel for my parents as they head this way.