Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My Daughter...

I thought I would blog about my daughter Kristina Faith. She is amazing!! The other morning, I had gotten up really early and just had laid down again and dozed off. Kristina came in my room climbed in bed and slipped her arm over my shoulder and said "I love you more mom". I am her mother. Will I ever get used to that? I don't know...but I am loving it!
To be a mom to me is...someone who loves unconditionally, teaches values and respect, inspires, laughs, cries, and best of all teach about God!! (oh, and teaches to clean up after ones self!) :) God blessed me with a beautiful daughter..not just on the outside, but on the inside as well! She is kind, thoughtful, caring, funny, creative, smart, and just plain lovable!! I love the fact that she can pick things up with her toes like I can. (hubby HATES that fact!) :) Food that just her papa and she like...And loves to copy her papa in most everything else!

I will never forget the day that we met Kristina's birth mom. The "butterflies" in my stomach almost made me sick. When we came to the orphanage, she was outside pushing her in a swing. I went over and said hi. And smiled, knowing that neither one of us understood each other. We did have someone interpret when we got inside. My first thought was, God why can't it be that she can keep Kristina with her? Then I thought...I hope she will always know that Kristina will be loved and taken care of! Kristina has Cystic Fibrosis and her mother did not have the resources to provide the care she needed. We spent some time together with Kristina..then she took her to get pictures taken. My heart went to my toes for an instant..We have a picture of Kristina in her mother's arms and I am reaching for her..she didn't want to come at first and when she did she was fine. When it was time for her mother to leave, I watched her walk down the road. Her life and my life were never going to be the same. An ending and a new beginning.

It's funny, maybe not funny..just a God thing. Kristina's mother's name translated into English means snow. That is Kristina's favorite thing!! She has a snow globe and she loves to watch it snow. Every time it flurries..she wants to go out and play. I will never forget that day...and I would never change not meeting her either!!

To be blessed with this wonderful little girl is an awesome thing!!
I am her mother! A mom!

The first picture we saw of her..

While we were in Eastern Europe

This summer..


Zactly said...

O.K., you made me cry. Just a few questions. You, of course, may chose to not answer if you prefer. So, Jasmina didn't interpret so you and the birth mom could talk? Why did they say the birth mom didn't keep Kristina? Just no resources to care for her? Sorry to be so nosy; I was just wandering. What a sacrifice these birth moms made. Such a hard thing. I pray daily for my children's birth mom.
thanks for sharing,

And patiently waiting... said...

Sorry, yes Jasmina did interpret once we got inside. Her mom could not keep her because of her CF. Her older brother died of it. So in a sense, her mom gave her birth twice. She did the actual, then she gave her up so she could live with better health care. Yes, I too still pray and think of her everyday!

Anonymous said...

I love hearing the stories like that, Tam! I'm so glad you're doing this blog - makes me feel like I'm not so far away after all. Kristina is a beautiful child and she got wonderful parents. Love, Jamey