Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Sound and Smell...

The other day, I went out to "potty" the boys and I heard the crunch of the snow under my feet. When I came in and hung up my jacket, I smelled the cold fresh air smell! Oh, how wonderful that was!! Brought back memories of playing in the snow..sliding, building snowmen, making snow angels. Wait that was just last year... :)

It has been SO cold that we have not gone out yet to play in the snow. We slide down our "hill", it is what I call the sewer mound. Don't know what it's called..we have our own septic system. It is just enough..but we are within walking distance of a HUGE hill. This year we will have older cousins to play with..they are young so climbing up the hill will be a breeze!

Gotta go, going to visit grandma and grandpa! Everything else takes a back seat for Kristina when she gets to visit her grandparents.

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