Monday, December 29, 2008

My baby girl...

I have often wondered what Kristina looked like as a baby. She was so little when we brought her home. Just had turned four. What a little peanut she was. Now, she is very much not a baby! :( Her height and weight have shot up since coming home!! Pretty soon she will be taller then me! :) I am thankful that she still loves to be held and cuddled! :)

This morning I was still in bed when she got up. I had such a hard time sleeping...praying and crying..concerned about my great uncle, so I was a wee bit tired this morning. Anyway, she came in a crawled up and asked how my heart was..put her head to my chest and listened then she said "your heart will be okay". I thanked God for her and her love that He gives her to share!

Here is a picture that I took and it so looked like a little baby swaddled in a blanket. She loves blankets and is always cuddling with them. This was too precious not to share.

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Kristina looks so sweet in that picture, i love it.