Thursday, January 1, 2009

Wow, another year gone.. I still feel like it should be the end of November. Maybe that way I can keep my self younger? :) It was a good day for us. For that God I am thankful! We were just kinda lazy..then had to run and get more kleenex! With everbody having colds we just ran out. I always have like three boxes put away..because we make Kristina cough out her flem. So, we were out. :(

I am too worn out to list everything about 2008 that was a highlight to me..whether it was a blessing or a lesson. (had LOTS of the lesson part!) Being thankful is what I would like to remember about 2008. Even this past week about my great-uncle and his death. He is most likely not really going to suffer! That is huge for me... And of course I could go on and on about what a HUGE blessing my daughter is! :) She has just come alive..activity, speech, and HEIGHT! Oh, my! ;)

Christmas will be posted in a few days...kinda slow I know. But what I do want to share is what my dad and my daughter did after our New Year's Day meal. My dad was always busy..and was not the cuddly kinda guy. Well, it seems that my daughter has brought that out in him! It is so great to see. We got the balloon maker as a gift..and my nephew was over today and he started to make some ballons. Then grandpa and Kristina took it over. We have balloon mess all over! The dogs aren't thrilled.. Here are the pictures~

Working hard...Having fun with their creations! And beautiful crowns! :)A vision of beauty!! And so happy!

I wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR! It will be so exciting to see how everyone's families grow over the next year!!

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Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, Tam! Kristina is too cute with the balloons. :) Talk to you soon.
Love, J