Tuesday, January 6, 2009


My only daughter rejected me!! It was quite a shock to me!! She did it to me twice! Here's the quick story..we finally made it home from the grocery store. Takes a little more time pushing a wheelchair and pulling a cart. Can go MUCH faster by myself! :) But the "girls" had fun. We stopped for a burger on the way home. Quite a treat! (we went to Culver's) sorry james! :)

When we got home..unloaded, took the boys potty, since I was on my way up..put a load in the dryer and washer, told Kristina to get her laundry, got her snow gear ready to go outside, put away the groceries, then came the rejection!

She got out her new puzzle she got for Christmas..100 pieces. So, I went to sit down with her to help her out, as the pieces were half of her other puzzles. I got to put a few pieces together.. then she shooed me away..sent me to the computer. I kind of ignored her...then with much more emphasis she shooed me away! Now she is singing and giggling like some crazy child! We are trying no nap today..so maybe she will wear herself out.

Now, she has the nerve to ask me for help.... :) silly goose! Wish you could the "noise" behind me! She is singing "I need you" to the Barney theme song. Better go and help the "pearl" as my husband calls her!

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