Tuesday, January 13, 2009

An Outing...

Well, my daughter and I went on an outing..in this freezing cold weather. Yep, our outing was to the ER. Kristina hurt her elbow. Kinda like a sprain.. I was very proud of myself..I only cried twice. They took x-rays, and nothing was broken. Thank you God!! The doctor said that the growth plate in the elbow can get an "owie"..if the plates are moved just so. She was watching tv and rolling around..then she started to cry.

So off we went..we were there three hours! Uffda! But, I am so thankful that she is okay. She even started to feel a little better by the time we left.

There she is resting and watching tv...my baby! I love her and so glad she is okay!


Zactly said...

So sorry for Kristina's pain. Glad she is alright.


Oh poor Kristina, i sure hope she is getting better..
What a brave girl..

MaybeMama said...

Glad she is ok!