Sunday, January 18, 2009


My little Jovan, I have waited for you for a very LONG time! But, what is time? I look and see that we have been waiting five months and one day since being committed to adopting you. Actually we have waited so much's a funny thing... It seems to me that our love never fails for you. Cool beans! I know that is what God's love for us is as well! Can't wait to teach you that! I love you my little Jovan! God will be gracious to you! That is what your name means!

I miss you very much! Your soon to be papa and sister were outside sliding down the "sewer mound". Can't wait to have you join them!! And for so many other things to see and do! We love you my little Jovan! It will be so awesome when we here that you will be in our arms instead of just our hearts! I am going to squeeze you and "sing" to you like I did before!

There is your papa and your sister.. having some fun..waiting for you. :)

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