Monday, January 12, 2009


We went to another hockey game for my nephew. It was about a twenty-five minute drive away. (more on that later) Kristina absolutely LOVES it. She would go everyday if we let her. My sister hates it when I cheer. :) I can yell really loud..per my nephew asking me to. she can't stand the way I yell Tigers. Which, I can't just comes out that way. I have been teaching my daughter to cheer as well..when I stop yelling, she starts in. :) It's the cutest thing!!

My nephew wants her to play..and we will teach her to a month or so when hockey is done and there is free ice time. I skated when I was a teen-ager, and loved it also!!

I had my sister take a picture of the family hockey outing.

Kristina and I have matching jackets. :) (that's Land's End!!) Daddy and John will have matching too! It's just me...won't be able to do that when they are I am taking advantage of it now! :) We are a happy family (minus our little boy/brother)! Can't wait to take him out to watch some hockey too! :) I have a feeling we would have fun doing anything!! Camping in our state parks is something that I have already looked in to. We rough it..but with electricity! :) Have to do her treatments..and mommy needs her fan! :)


Anonymous said...

What a cute family picture!!!!



Love the family picture !!!!