Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Day...Today this was the view out my kitchen window. It was awesome..then it got covered by clouds shortly after I took this picture. It's so exciting to see what the day holds for me. Good? Bad? I don't care.. Maybe through the death that surrounds me..God is showing me life and a way that I need to live. It's cool!

I do have to say..it is very hard to look at sleeping people..God has to help me work through that. Yesterday when I went to my great-uncle's he was sleeping...Oh, I told God to be with me as I checked on him..because I was alone with Kristina. (I am teaching her about his death and not seeing him anymore...he is going to live with Jesus and we will see him again) Then last night, I rolled over and could not feel my hubby breathing, I sat up and as I was..Dan asked me what was wrong. Dan's brother died at the age Dan will be this year. I know that Dan is very healthy, and his brother was not. It just kinda freaked me... I am not afraid of their deaths, because they are getting to go to heaven...maybe just the thought of someone taking their last breath on my watch..God will be there with me, and I need not be afraid..just handle it the best way I can with God! :)

Boy, a lot on death...but there is soooo much more to life! And today I am going to live it! And we are going on a field trip! Kristina, my grandmother, and myself! (just to the grocery store :) She doesn't like the oatmeal I bought..fussy, fussy, but I love her!!! Enjoy your new possibilities!

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