Saturday, January 24, 2009


I have been thinking a lot about that word. What does it mean to me? Several things, but first a Webster dictionary meaning. Adoption is a noun meaning the act of adopting. Now, I looked up adopt and the meaning is a verb meaning to take by choice into a relationship, also to take voluntarily (a child of other parents) as one's own child.

Well, that sounds like what we are doing.. But it means to me also that God is giving me a gift, a generous gift of life to have forever. And to have it for my very own! (of course Dan's too) I will take the gift as my/our own. Long time ago, way before Kristina was even born..God knew who would be adopting her. That is so cool! She is ours to call our our choice and with tons of God's help, our patience..(taught to us by God!!!!), our love (through God's eyes), and most of all FAITH!!

That is the same way with Jovan. Ours to be our very own..he is voluntarily chosen by us, but gifted to us by God!! See, I knew that he would be it intuition, call it wishful thinking, call it God's will..And because I believe in God..and He has the final word...It was His will. I love the fact that God knows ALL!! He knows the timing that is right down to the second!! Wow, how cool is that! He plans it that way...and very glad, because I would have messed this adoption up a long time ago! :) Because I would have done it my way! Now, I have a peace and can rest knowing that God's timing is right for us! :) Don't get me wrong...tomorrow would not be soon enough for us! :)

Adoption is a wonderful word..children that get families, "special needs" children get families who want them voluntarily! No gun was placed by our heads to adopt our son!! We wanted him all on our own..God leading the way and placing the tug on our hearts! Yipeee

Yes, adoption is a hard process!! An emotional roller coaster..can be a nauseating ride!! Every step of our first adoption I was so nauseated!! Oh my!! This adoption I am nauseated at the steps..but not so bad! And I cry a lot!! For the good times and the bad!! Sometimes though adoptions are very easy and quick!! Praise God for those! We have wanted Jovan for what seems like a lifetime..but knowing God is in control makes it not seem so long!! :)

It is surreal that we are doing this again...I knew we would be, but to be doing it is another story! :) We are very excited to be going!! Planning things SO much better then before!!

I can't remember if I told this story before...the "airport" story. We were on a layover in Amsterdam and we got to talking to this really nice couple. They said they were going to their vacation home... I can't remember where they lived..outside of Jovan's country. Anyway, we chatted for quite a while. We got to Belgrade..did all the stuff you need to do, then we looked for our driver. Could NOT find him anywhere. Okay, panic was creeping in. Then I started to pray..."oh God", we are us, please. I was reminded by God, that we were not alone..He was in control and we needed to trust HIM! Dan says..what are we going to do..for once he was the nervous one! :) Then the couple asked if we needed help, we told them about our driver..and they went to talk to a group of people. After, they came over with a couple and their child who offered to take us to a hotel. SCARY!! But, I had a peace...and we went with them. Did you all remember that we are in a foreign country!!! We did NOT speak Serbian. No one except God knew what we were doing!! Oh my!

We got to the hotel, checked in..and sat. Not sure what to do. We were hungry.. so off we went in search of food. (it was Sunday, and nothing was open) While we were walking, I said here we are all alone!! Then I said together..we were together where we are adopting our little girl!!

After our search for the illusive food..we tried to figure out how and what in the world to do next. Then we remembered..we could get info off our word documents...DUH!! We then called the person helping us..and she was able to get a hold of our driver that would take us to the apartment that we were renting. A walk to the restaurant in the hotel, revealed some very unfriendly faces. So, we went back up to wait.. I figured out that there was room service..and we had a pizza and a coke brought up. :)

Our driver came..and we got to the apartment. See, the timing was perfect! All the lessons we would NOT have learned if we would have gotten picked up at the airport right away! :) It was an expensive lesson to learn! I am going to have all the info etched in my arm so I know! :) God I am sure will find new lessons for us to learn!! :)

There is of course LOTS of emotions that go along with adopting and any adjective would probably fit! :) We are on our journey of ADOPTION...what a mind bending, faith learning, trust building, and most of all a life changing journey!! Praise God!

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