Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Our Second Butterfly...

My little boy, what can I say..we are coming. I thought about you today..I cried. Right away I wanted your little arms around my neck. To hear you, to hold you, I already love you.. You will have your mommy and papa very soon..

It's kinda funny, I am so much calmer this time around. One thing at a time.. Maybe because we have done it all before. It just seems like a piece of cake. Already have most of our things together. The doctor appointments are later this month.. we could be done with everything in a months time. Of course that is not the fingerprints..or the approval from the US government.

I told my hubby that I was definitely going to buy Kristina some shoes at this great kids shoe store!! Oh my, it was the cutest! :)

Well, the dogs are crying...and Kristina needs to be tucked in..

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Anonymous said...

Praying for all of family to come and those who are not doing so well. Talk to you soon.
Love, Jamey