Friday, January 16, 2009


Okay, first..the COLD! My gosh, it's -33 degrees out!! Who measures that stuff? It's just plain COLD!!! No wonder the dogs cry when they go out to potty! Poor little hands and feet! I can't get over how cold it is..and to think that people don't have adequate heat..everywhere! Here in the US and overseas. I read that people in Europe have died from the cold. So, please understand that I am not complaining..just amazed at how cold it is out! I am going to see what or if I can do anything about helping keep people warm...

Next, is my thoughts..I have many. One of them is my wonderful special daughter. Who in spite of her owie, is adjusting. She has a wonderful attitude..does not complain..just an "ow" every now an then. Oh, she gets frustrated that she can not cut her food, and hates to ask for help. Tuesday no Wednesday daddy took her to an orthopedic doctor and he put her arm in a hard splint. Like the bottom is cast like that wraps around her elbow and then it is wrapped in an ace bandage. She has to wear that for two weeks.

Now, does that face look cute. She came out of her room last evening and had wrapped her dolly's arm like hers is. Cute as a bugs ear! It's funny, I had almost the same dolly growing up as she does. My grandmother gave it to me for Christmas when I was her age.

One of my other great-uncle. It is hard to see him lose himself. He is not at all what he was even before Christmas. The weight loss is the first thing you see. Then his energy level in basically non-existent anymore. Today, I am going to asses his living situation..and if he needs someone there more and more hours in a day. He has lived alone, so having people around all the time, gets a little stressful for him. Have to pray!! God will have to go before me and guide my steps when I decide what has to be done. My hubby has already agreed to spend nights there. So has my mom. That may be my next step. Then dragging my grandmother with me on some days, will have my grandmother not staying alone for ever during the day. She gets lonely! :) Misses the excitement of my daughter! :)

When I think of death..peace comes to mind! Not suffering and resting in the arms of my Father, who loved me first. I know that my g-uncle will have that..but it is so hard to see him go through it..the suffering part. But, peace will soon come for him! And I am so thankful that he will have that peace! Not to worry!

Some days, I spend most of the day praying and talking to God, about the things around me. It is making me a stronger person and also more dependant on Him! Which in turn gives me a great feeling! I am not alone! I have a Father, one to call my own! Yep, someone to help me.

Or course, my little boy is in my thoughts as well! As are the other families adopting! I get so excited for them, I can hardly stand it!! They are in my prayers all the time!! And the government and the person helping us! All in God's timing! :) Not to worry!

Oops..guess I combined my thoughts with the OW. Oh, well! You can see that she is doing just peachy! She is right handed..but now due to her owie she is forced to be left handed. Which speaking as a left handed there is nothing wrong with that!! :) Eating is no biggie for her..and she also can color left handed! Fun to see how she problem solves..but takes a split second and away she goes! Wish I was that fast to adapt! :) Better go and get her treatment done, so we can move along with our day!

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Anonymous said...

Try to stay warm. No school at home for 3 days now because of the cold - Wow! People here complain about the cold - they have NO idea! Be careful if you're venturing out. I'll be praying for you and your uncle, and the best thing being done. We'll talk sometime this weekend. Kristina is too cute! :) Kids are much more adaptable then we are - good thing. Have a good day.