Monday, January 5, 2009

A New Day...

You have to read my earlier post before you read this one. I talked about possibilites..what could happen. Don't skip it. As you can see I am writing in John's colors. We are still waiting for everything to fall into place..we don't know when but God knows the exact time we will be able to go and get our son. I put a note on the front tell hubby that we have to keep the faith bucket full and to keep trusting God! So, some positive news..that it is still a work in progress.I always wanted to do something like that! In my old age I am able to not spill the beans so fast..granted I had to find out where he was, so I called and he was close enough to home that I could wait to tell him. :) If he had been any further would have been a tough call! ;)

And I remember saying something about the fact that I was in tune with God! I took another picture...painting in the sky!It is amazing..the picture doesn't really do it justice! Orange, pink, yellow, and of course BLUE! I am being silly that from my daughter! She has been like that all day! Those colors are in my blog too! Okay, I'll quit! :) We had a good day, went to see my great-uncle. He was okay..just so tired!! We spent a good chunk of the day with him. And we are going back on Wednesday. I am trying to get my grandmother to go with us..maybe I can convince her! :) Right now, my grandmother using her walker is trying to run over my daughter who is doing somersaults down the hallway! Those two.. The giggle sisters!

Time for a vest treatment before supper..more time to unwind before bed! No nap! :) YEA!!!

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Anonymous said...

So what does that mean? Did you get some encouraging news? Help me - I'm confused....:)