Friday, January 9, 2009


Yesterday Kristina and I were very busy..going to the doctors and to pick up meds/and such. I was getting worn out. We were at the pharmacy counter and I was chatting with the pharmacist, and out of my baby's mouth came "what's your name". And most of you know reading my blog I can get emotional. She has never said that before..and never those words..she knows and can say a TON of words..but to put a new sentence together it touched me. We have been working on speaking and asking for things in a sentence. And it's working! I think that she was not ready..even a month ago. A light bulb went off and she has really taken off.

Her health is good. She really embraces life and the people in it. Right now she is an Indian running around the kitchen island. Later, I am going to shoo her outside. Now she has turned into a train..complete with the choo choo sound. What an imagination she has, as most kids do.

Today is what I try to call the last day to straighten up. We try to get all of the housework done so that there is little to do on Saturday except for projects I can not do alone. My little girl is supposed to be picking up her babies and puzzles in her room. She has other "chores" to do today as well. Figure that it is a good way to teach responsibilty...and being helpful. :)

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